Monday, September 26, 2011

Nothing Really, just sitting in computers.

Today is the first day of my computer course at school. We get to choose different electives in 9th grade, so I'm taking computers. The teacher is totally awesome and doesn't really care how we spend the 90 minutes of class. The only thing she hates is facebook, which is fine by me because I can't have facebook, anyways. The big one at home who buys us things and who allows me to watch her Harry Potter movies doesn't allow any of us to have facebook. She's such a hypocrite, though, because she spends so much time on it.

Hmm, so I haven't updated my blog in a while. A lot has changed- well, not a lot lot, but still, a lot. Like, Robin went to visit her family in Wisconsin supposedly, but then she came back in August as Felicity Merriman, her human animagus, if you will. Robin was Felicity before she was Robin, and I guess now she's Felicity again. We just shrug it off, because it's totally normal for dolls to change personalities and characters randomly with no explanation. We're all very meta.

So, with the loss of Robin, I had no best friend, but that's fine because now Christin is my friend. The only thing is that Christin has friends at school who are really too cool for me and so I can only hang out with her when she's at home. Robin was like that, too, but not as bad. Plus, her friends cared too much about either politics or volleyball/ cheerleading (whatever group she was with) to care much about Robin's nerdy friend.

A new girl, Rebecca Rubin, arrived over the summer. There isn't much I can say about her, because she's a Historical, and I don't talk much to them because we have nothing in common, but she's really girly and dramatic and other stuff.

Umph, I feel so guilty for not keeping up on blog posts. But it's so hard to be always blogging because I have nothing to talk about. I don't want to be like Hermione or Dumbledore and just be here to reveal things about the plot of my life. (Christin calls it exposition).

Paul McCartney is getting married for a third time soon. I hope it turns out better than his second marriage. I don't like her, especially because she tok so much of Paul's money in the divorce. Anyone who takes things from Paul McCartney or the Beatles sucks in my opinion (Michael Jackson, I feel no guilt about this because he took the rights to their music right from under Paul's nose.)

Better get going. There's no time left in class for tumblr pictures or anything...

lol there's always time for tumblr.

Except there's no pictures on tumblr.

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