Monday, September 26, 2011

Nothing Really, just sitting in computers.

Today is the first day of my computer course at school. We get to choose different electives in 9th grade, so I'm taking computers. The teacher is totally awesome and doesn't really care how we spend the 90 minutes of class. The only thing she hates is facebook, which is fine by me because I can't have facebook, anyways. The big one at home who buys us things and who allows me to watch her Harry Potter movies doesn't allow any of us to have facebook. She's such a hypocrite, though, because she spends so much time on it.

Hmm, so I haven't updated my blog in a while. A lot has changed- well, not a lot lot, but still, a lot. Like, Robin went to visit her family in Wisconsin supposedly, but then she came back in August as Felicity Merriman, her human animagus, if you will. Robin was Felicity before she was Robin, and I guess now she's Felicity again. We just shrug it off, because it's totally normal for dolls to change personalities and characters randomly with no explanation. We're all very meta.

So, with the loss of Robin, I had no best friend, but that's fine because now Christin is my friend. The only thing is that Christin has friends at school who are really too cool for me and so I can only hang out with her when she's at home. Robin was like that, too, but not as bad. Plus, her friends cared too much about either politics or volleyball/ cheerleading (whatever group she was with) to care much about Robin's nerdy friend.

A new girl, Rebecca Rubin, arrived over the summer. There isn't much I can say about her, because she's a Historical, and I don't talk much to them because we have nothing in common, but she's really girly and dramatic and other stuff.

Umph, I feel so guilty for not keeping up on blog posts. But it's so hard to be always blogging because I have nothing to talk about. I don't want to be like Hermione or Dumbledore and just be here to reveal things about the plot of my life. (Christin calls it exposition).

Paul McCartney is getting married for a third time soon. I hope it turns out better than his second marriage. I don't like her, especially because she tok so much of Paul's money in the divorce. Anyone who takes things from Paul McCartney or the Beatles sucks in my opinion (Michael Jackson, I feel no guilt about this because he took the rights to their music right from under Paul's nose.)

Better get going. There's no time left in class for tumblr pictures or anything...

lol there's always time for tumblr.

Except there's no pictures on tumblr.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Interview With Robin

Hey y'all! Today for my blog, instead of rambling on and on about myself like I always do, I have a very special guest, my best friend Robin McCarthy!

Why, hello there, Robin. How's it goinnnng??
Why, hello hello yourself, Lye. I'm goood. I suppose since this is your intervi
ew, you're going to ask how I am.
How are you?
I'm fine. I'm a tad nervous, though, because school elections for next year are coming up, and I'm currently brainstorming campaign slogans and whatnot.
What do you want to run for?
Ideally, I would like to run for Secretary so that I can work my way up to President by the time I reach Grade 12. However, I'll be a new-to-the-council sophomore next year, so I most likely will run for Grade Rep.
That sounds fascinating.
No need to get sarcastic, Delilah.
Other than aspiring to become Leader of the Free World, what are your other school-based hobbies?
Well, next September I want to join the cheerleading squad, and I'm demonstrating my interest currently by attending practices and acting as a "Junior Cheerleader". Its a very exclusive position: generally they only let 5 of the Junior Cheerleaders into the squad every year (there are 12 of us currently).
Again, fascinating.
Oh, you don't understand. I also want to
join the volleyball team next year, and the school newspaper, preferably as a columnist.
Too bad you didn't make it into the musical, otherwise you would have had control over all the departments. :)
Oh, look, I'm really sorry, Robin. I didn't mean it. I'm sure you'll make a great stage manager.
Junior Stage Manager. I'm only a freshman, Lye.
Junior, Nothing, what's the difference? Anyways, we only have a few moments left-
This isn't timed, Lye. You're just writing down everything I'm saying.
What sort of books do you like?
Oh, well, my favorite book is The Lovely Bones. I really don't have one sound explanation why, otherwise than I think it's a great book. Ha
ving read it three times, I've finally moved on to another book. I'm torn, however, between 1984 and A Clockwork Orange. I just can't decide.
Puck looks better without the mohawk, right?
Oh, no way. Mohawk all the way.
I disagree. He's just too tough and muscly to be a believable junior. Finn, on the other hand, can totally pull--
Not this again! I thought we already reached a settlement with Christin about this.
But Robin-
I'm going to go finish my English homework, Lye. See you at dinner.

Well, that was really awkward. Anyways, Robin used to be my second best friend, after Ivy. But after Ivy went all backstabby-stab on me and deserted me forever, I was stuck with Robin, who I thought had little personality. I also thought she was permanently stuck the 1990's, just like Ivy was in the 1970's, but Robin had this obsession with Madonna, which I thought was weird.

But as I got to know her better, she apparently didn't have any cult following over the 90's, and she was a normal girl. Well, I shouldn't really sa
y normal. To put it rudely, she's a really nice and awesome Nicki but with friends. Robin is really motivated and gets involved in school, which I guess in some ways is good for me, because it kind of makes me want to do the sam
e. I don't of course, unless they ever make a DA or an Order of The Pheonix at J.R. Dahling Jr/ Sr High. Anyways, this pretty much wraps up my blog for April 6th 2011.

My Song of the Day...

GET BACK, a really awesome Beatles song. Wikipedia says that it was released "on 11 April 1969, and credited to "The Beatles with Billy Preston.", who ever that is. I like "GET BACK" because it is awesome, and I like The Beatles. On my Favourite Songs Playlist of 18 songs, 10 of them are Beatles

Songs. Take that, haters.

My font has been messed up. My bad.

My Phrase-To-End-My-Blog of the Day...

Actually, when I googled 'haters gonna hate', I really liked some of the pictures. And I really like saying

"Haters Gonna Hate".

Friday, April 1, 2011

Warning: tumblr was not harmed in the writing of this post.

Hi y'all! It doesn't appear that I've blogged in a long time, and I apologize about that. I've just been really busy with school this year. Being in Grade Nine really takes up a lot of my time, especially since I got a part in our school's musical.

What? You didn't know that I was in Hairspray, Broadway's Big Fat Musical Hit? Why, yes, dear reader, I am.

And what's more, I'm an understudy for one of the Dynamites (a trio of singers)! I find that pretty impressive, especially since this is my second musical ever. Christin and Nicki are both in it too: Nicki is Penny Pingleton's understudy, which is pretty impressive as she's only in 7th grade. I'm honestly a bit jealous because I wanted to be Penny, but I guess I'm not that good.

Well, other than that, school's been pretty... school-ish. We had exams at the end of January and I did really well, even on History, which is my worst subject.

I got a really high average on my report card, and I was promised new sunglasses,
the kind that Darren Criss from Glee wears...

.. except the one's I found were blue, and looked like this..

.. but then after they arrived, I decided that, unfortunately, they didn't suit me and so some other girl in our boarding house got them. I say "some other girl" because she really is "some other girl".

Literally. She's been around since before exams in January, and nobody knows who she is. Well, I'm sure that Miss J knows, but she refuses to tell us, too. So we're completely in the dark.

Speaking of 'in the dark', Miss J is hiding something else from us. She's really terrible sometimes. I wish she'd just tell us what was goin
g on.

I'm looking at other blogs while I'm reading this, like bearpicnic's Hannah's blog, and I realized that their blogs are more illustrated and more focused on one topic. I wonder why mine isn't... hmm...

Anyways, I've got to be running. I want to go surf mugglenet now. I promise that I'll write soon!

This is a picture that I found of me last year. At least, I think it's me. I can't really tell.
Shall I do the Song I'm Listening To then? Mmkay, here we go...

Today's song is Granger Danger from the viral musical A Very Potter Musical. I like this song not only because it is my favorite Harry Potter character..

.. with one of my least favorite..

.. and have them both sing about a character that I feel mutual about.

Plus, it's catchy and I find that I'll be singing it for days after hearing it a couple times on youtube or something. Which is fine, because it's just so good.

Epiphany: I should get a tumblr account. I use too many pictures from tumblr for my own good.

Also, I've decided maybe I should get a catchy phrase to say at the end of every blog. Today:

Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year Over, and a New One Just Begun

Another Year Over and a New One Just Begun

So this time last year, I was brand new to Eighth Street Boarding House. I was quiet, I was cynical, and I basically hated the world. That was because my aunt and uncle had basically isolated me and moved to Idaho with their new kids. And that made me come here with reservations, and I was guarded, and I was very critical of everything. And my first real friend that didn't betray me was Ivy.

And here comes my rant about Ivy. Ivy was my absolute best friend, even when she was from 1976 and even when Robin came and wanted to be my best friend. Ivy was always my best friend, and she was, for the lack of a better comparison, like a sister to me. And I thought she felt the same. Until school started this year and Ivy met Lucy.

I don't like Lucy, and especially not after she moved into the boarding house. Ivy and Lucy are obviously inseparable and it's not fair, because I didn't do anything to Ivy to offend her, and then she just leaves me to be best friends with Lucy. And Lucy is all hippie-dippie, she's a poet and a guitarist, she writes fiction and sings, she plays the piano and writes short paragraphs on her favorite songs, movies and celebrities. And she's from 1976, so she and Ivy have a lot in common, I guess.

But the worst thing about Lucy is that she is always condescending towards me. And then she turns around and is all sweet cakes and honeydew to everyone else, so if I try to complain about her, they think I'm the terrible one. Except for Robin, who is my best friend now. She is really supportive, and really caring, so she doesn't like Lucy because of how Lucy treats me.

But guess what? Robin revealed that she's found a group of teenagers in Buffalo Hill, which is 20 minutes from where we live, that do historical re-enactments for fun. And I love princesses and the first re-enactment is from the American Revolution era or something, and it's on January 8th, so I'm excited. Robin went to the community center two days ago, and brought back the dress I'll wear, and it's purple and it's gorgeous. I am actually really excited. I think I found a new activity!

So I'm about to sign off because we decided that we should all take a New Year's picture, but I want to end with a new Scrapbook.


11 Things about Me.

Um, sorry, but Blogger is stupid and it isn't working. But, luckily, Picasa exists and so here is my very own album:

11 Things About Me

So, off to get changed and take a picture. Have a Happy New Year!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Technical Stuff

So I did just post a new blog less than an hour ago, but I wanted to just see what you thought of the new look of my background. I love purple, don't get me wrong, but I felt that maybe it was time that I got a new look for my blog. It's the closest I could get to aqua turquoise, which is my favorite color. I hate green, though, and am not so fond of pink. I like yellow and orange, too.
And I'm thinking of doing an FAQ soon: if you have any questions about me, or about my friends or family, or even random questions, then leave a comment below or send an e-mail to

So sorry to interrupt your blog reading, dear lone reader. Don't hesitate to read my new post below.

Potter, Apocalypse, New Girls

Hey, wouldn't you know it? It's August.

Um, I've been super busy, what with school finishing, and my plethora of volunteer activities that I participate in to further enhance the amount of value I hold in my community.

Yeah, right.

In reality, I've been lazing around since April. I had two year end exams, but one was for English and it's pretty much an easy class for me (aside from dealing with my Mentil teacher) so I didn't study. And I still got an "A". My other exam was math, and let's just say I had the choice of doing math in summer school, or retaking Math 9. I chose to retake it in September, because it is just too hot to leave this place. What is with this weather? The end of June was breezy, and occasionally wet, but then comes July and now it's been sunny and dry for five weeks straight. And I don't know if you've ever faced hot weather during the summer, but sometimes it is so hot that I don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning. But I've had to for the past two weeks because I've been plant sitting for our neighbours. I know, I know. I'm 14 1/2 and I'm babysitting plants? But here's the reasoning: there is a thrift store two miles from downtown Pleasantville and they have the entire set of Harry Potter books. I already have the first two, but I've only ever read up to the middle of Phoenix. So I will buy those books, and I will finish the series in time for the movie in November.

On the same Potter note, my friend Jaycee, who is possibly more into Potter than I am, just came home yesterday. While she was at her cousin's, her cousin's best friend introduced Jaycee to some internet Potter musical. So now Jaycee is convinced that I will find it hilarious, and she wants me to watch both musicals with her soon. I've kept her off my back for the time being by telling her I should read the two and a half books that I haven't read before watching the musicals. But I just don't know how I feel about this musical. I mean, Harry Potter is one awesome thing, and musicals are another good thing. Truthfully, I only love Glee and cannot stand most other musicals, but I guess Glee cancels out the musicals I don't like and so I feel neutral about musicals. Let me put it this way: you won't see me at a Broadway show anytime soon, but you won't see me on youtube, vlogging about how musicals will cause 2012's destruction. (Which I think is baloney, of course. What do you think? Discuss.)

Okay, so I know that some of you, nay, my one reader, is curious about the new arrivals. Don't get your $24- $32 outfits in a twist, because they aren't that interesting. They aren't wealthy orphans from Mt Bedford 1904, or a Russian Jewish child of immigrants in New York 1914. There are three new arrivals: two that I mentioned in my last post, and a new one, who I think is a girl.

The 1900's-1910's girl is Virginia Cole. She's a 12 year old blue eyed blonde from southern New York state. She loves to read, is very quiet, and is best friends with Nicki.

The 1990's girl is Robin McCarthy, and she's my other best friend (Ivy is, and always will be, my first best friend.) She's 13, with freckles and green eyes. She hates her red hair, and really wants to dye it blonde (Her mother refuses to allow her.) Robin is a ton of fun, and loves music videos, Babysitter Club books, and Jonathan Taylor Thomas. She wants to be a New Mousekateer or a pop star like Madonna. Good luck to her when she realizes that neither of those things exists anymore.

And finally, the newest girl took the place of sweet/ annoying 7 year old Chrissa Marie Charlotte Maxwell, the half sister of my apparent doppelganger Daphne Hepburn. Both girls live in Arizona with their aunt, so once Chrissa left, we needed someone to take her place. The person who came claimed to be a guy named James Paul Sherwood, and seemed like a cool guy. Until "James" turned out to actually be a girl, 13 years old, and as manipulative as a queen bee. Her name, coincidentally, is Chrissa Maxwell, and she looks pretty much just like the Old Chrissa. The only difference is that New Chrissa isn't Old Chrissa. New Chrissa is rude, she treats everyone terribly, she exaggerates a great deal, and nobody seems to care much that she acts this way. She plans to win a Tony, an Oscar and an Emmy, not to mention an "Honorary Grammy for not having to sing anything." by the age of 18. Good luck to her, because Pleasant County is on the Washington-Canadian border, and she's from South Dakota. And she's never been to either New York or to L.A. Though she claims otherwise.

So that's it for me this week, dear reader. I haven't much else to say: this summer's been like a Wednesday school day, and I suspect it isn't going to get much better. Although I heard that some of the girls here are planning to go to Camp Gowonagin, up at Piney Point, later this August. I think it would be kind of fun, though I'd have to go with Ivy and Robin.

Book I'm reading: Re-reading Chamber of Secrets: I've somehow misplaced my Philosopher's Stone and so I really own the one Harry Potter book: that is, until I buy the other five books at the thrift store, and then the whole series will be mine. Hahaha.

Music I'm listening to: Um, some Across The Universe stuff. It isn't mine, it's on Her iPod, so I can say I don't like Across The Universe that much. I used to, but now that I've decided I only really like music from Help! or from Rubber Soul, or from Revolver, ATU is irrelevent for me because it focuses more on the psycedelic Beatles.

Favorite Glee episode: "Dream On". What a great ending to a more-or-less terrific season. Plus, great guest star, am I right? Wait, this wasn't the season finale? Well...
Least Favorite Glee episode: A lot of the "Back Nine" (post- Idol) episodes were less than mediocre, which sucked, but I'd have to say that "Journey" was the worst. I won't give too much away, but the main focus of this episode was based on that one single they did a year ago that I never liked in the first place. Should have put 'Dream On' after 'Journey', or just remove 'Journey' from the entire show.

This is the face of adorable that Robin is obsessed over. On a completely separate note, do you know anyone crushing on someone who is 30 years old?

This is what my Ron Weasley looks like.

Though I certainly don't mind what Warner Brother's Ron Weasley looks like.

But this guy from the Harry Potter musicals looks nothing like my Ron, or Mr Awesome Grint. Let's list some anachronisms (Great fun.)
- Blue headband? What?
- Oreos? The Hogwarts Express didn't have any mars bars for Harry, why does this Ron get Oreos?
I'm already not looking forward to watching this musical.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haha, it's been less than a month since I've updated! Success!
But it can't be too long today, cause I've got to work on a book report. It seems like every class at J.R. Dahling Junior High, which is my school, is reading Shakespeare, and it is so stupid and I hate it. We're reading Macbeth in my English class (My homeroom/ math/art/pain-in-the-butt teacher Ms. Kingkos deciphered that I was "credibly intelligent enough to advance past Grade Nine English, and soar up to Grade 10 English." She also felt it was necessary to call this to attention in front of my whole class, and to announce to the class that I was very proud of this. She didn't even ask me how I felt.
So now, my Grade ten English teacher (Mr.Mentil (Yes, I am serious, his last name is 'mental', although poorly spelt.)) is making us not only read Macbeth, but also watch video clips for every scene, and act out each scene in front of the class. I don't know if you've read it, but Macbeth is basically all monologues. Especially everything that Lady Macbeth says. I swear, if Lady Macbeth says one more pointless and incomprehensible thing, I'll go to my grave swearing that Nicki is her re-incarnation. Nicki actually came up to me on Monday evening after supper to "provide several tips on how to improve your general personality." She then started to say stuff like "You read too much, but socialize too little" and "You still have to choose an out of school activity so that you can be a positive influence on our community", except with so many more adjectives. She then criticized how I doodle on "good homework paper" to draw cartoon characters. Well, sorry, but it isn't my fault that I am madly obsessed with Schroeder from Peanuts. I totally understand what he says and stuff. That Lucy is just a crab, and too sickly-sweet for Schroeder. She knows nothing about Beethoven, which is very annoying for Schroeder, I can imagine.
Ivy saw one of my Schroeder drawings a few nights ago. To my surprise, she knew exactly who it was. After convincing her that I did not draw it freehand (I trace my drawings off the computer screen.) I found out that she likes the Peanuts as much as I do! Though she likes Snoopy the best, which is totally okay. She says that her friend from San Fransisco, Julie, liked Lucy a lot. I hate Julie already.
She (not Ivy, the big person that could very possibly go insane and totally goAT-AT on all of us) is apparently moving. Ivy and I have decided that we do not like moving. Use your own imagination, because I am too tired to rant.
What else? Oh, She wants us to start thinking about summer camps and stuff. I'd like to maybe go and do a play at a camp, but only if Ivy will do it with me. She's also ordering some stuff from American Girl. I am crossing my fingers that there will be converse shoes. I love my red ones and all, but I really can't wear red all the time!! :S

Book I'm Reading: Macbeth. Urgh. See above for my thoughts on Macbeth. My teacher gives us so much to pre-read for homework, that I never have time for leisurely reading anymore.

Song I'm Listening To: I've gotten Ivy into The Beatles. She's heard of them, of course, but she's never really heard much of their songs. She and I have different time periods that we like best: Ivy likes the whole 1967's-ish kind of time, with Yellow Submarine and Sgt Peppers and all that, but I'm still for 1965 , with Help! and Rubber Soul and stuff. I just think Help! (The Movie) is so zany and wacky and I can't believe that I used the word zany.

One more note: 33 1/2 MORE DAYS UNTIL GLEE!!!! I CAN'T WAIT!! I'm going to force Ivy to watch it with me. I don't care if she gets an eye infection from watching it (The Historicals get really weird infections from touching/ seeing modern stuff for too long) because I know she'll like it.

Another note: The two new girls have come. One is from the 1900s, and I don't know her too well, but she reads a lot and dresses up sometimes in weird clothes. I should really get to know her better.
The other new girl is pretty cool. I can't remember how old she is, but she seems pretty cool. I think she's just a bit shy, because she's always playing with her pet dacshund (?). But while we had an Oscar party here, Ivy, the new girl, and I all opted to skip the ceremony (Boo! to the Academy for not giving any Star Wars, Harry Potter, or Narnia movies the Best Picture, and double Boo! for giving Movie!LOTR 3 a Best Picture. The book is WAY better.) and read She's book of Movie trivia. I never knew that James Cameron had made another movie before attempting to make Avatar. But his other movie has Loser Leo in it, and I despise him. On the other hand, he might drown on the boat. Maybe I'll watch it after all.

No scrapbook tonight cause I'm just way too tired.